New Beginnings


Betwixt and between describes things in the studio these days–taking some time to explore new ideas and waiting to see how the established bodies of works want to evolve. I wrapped up a solo show at the end of late summer that left me feeling a bit played out–two years+ of no stop work will do that to an artist.

Accepted an invitation for a two-person gallery exhibit in November 2017 at the River’s Edge Gallery. I have been doing what I often do to gain perspective and equilibrium: physical work.  I’ve organized the studio,  rearranged the paintings on the walls (how did I get so many?—oh right, I made those, all of them), and made an inventory of studio supplies both needed and wanted  ( I can always use another paintbrush).

Ideas are slowly formulating–too early to share yet–too unformed and tender. We’ll just have to see how things unfold in the next few months!

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